Kouna Bags

Luxury Handbags Made In Africa.

African expertise and collaborations produce outstanding results.

Our work for Amossa Interior lead us to work with its founder Rama on the design & launch of Kouna.
The brand procudes luxury handbags made in Africa.


Our mission:

We were rightfully entrusted with the process from A to Z.

– Design a complete brand identity
An in-depth design for the bags brand including a logo, lockups, colors, stationery, patterns, social media profiles & content design for sales optimization.

– Produce a product photoshoot
We went for a dark theme feed facilitating the use of added text and visuals revelant to the product, installed a simple set design not to overpower the visuals so we could make it Instagram-ready.

– Create a brand strategy for the launch and post-launch campaign.
Once the images were produced, we organized the content in a sequence for social media post since the brand was intended to sell via Instagram and grow an organic audience.

03 – Product Photoshoot